viernes, 3 de julio de 2009

PAMA - Unity's Greatest Hits - Economy [1969

A1 - Bangarang [Stranger Cole & Lester Sterlin]
A2 - Last Flight To Reggae City [Tommy Mc Cook & Stranger Cole]
A3 - Let It Be Me [Slim Smith Y Paulette]
A4 - Everybody Needs Love [Slim Smith]
A5 - Reggae on Broadway [Lester Sterlin]
A6 - Twelfth of Never [Max Romeo]
B1 - Spoogy [Leter Sterlin]
B2 - For Once In My Life [Slim Smith]
B3 - If Wee Should Ever Meet [Stranger Cole]
B4 - The Avenger [Tommy Mc Cook]
B5 - On Broadway [Slim Smith]
B6 - Bright As A Rose [Lester Sterlin]


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